Natural cosmetics made with heart

Hello lovely North Beauty guest! Thank you for being here. North Beauty is a domestic handmade cosmetic brand promoting Nordic beauty.


Body care products for the whole family!

North Beauty looduskosmeetika tooted valmivad 100% käsitööna North Beauty's products are made 100% by hand and from carefully selected raw materials. We only use certified and highly rated materials. Our products do not contain artificial dyes. In our products, we use natural minerals for this - mica.


From 45 euros to a parcel machine


Natural cosmetics made with heart


All products are handmade

Natural cosmetics brand from Saaremaa

Thank you for reaching us. We want to prove to you that natural products can also be powerful, luxurious and accessible to everyone. North Beauty is a domestic craft cosmetics brand promoting Nordic beauty. We value a healthy and natural way of life.

We make our products 100% by hand, taking into account the special characteristics of the skin caused by the Nordic climate. The idea of North Beauty was born in the picturesque Peetri tourist farm, in the primeval forests of Saaremaa between and under thatched roofs. Our company today is a natural continuation and symbiosis of the similar hobbies of two women of one family.

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