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Our Story

Our family business started in a picturesque tourist farm in Saaremaa, surrounded by ancient forests and thatched roofs. A place where the richness of nature has always been an inspiring force and a source of beauty.

The brand's products are crafted and packaged by hand, with a focus on high quality and a personalized approach to each product. We have created a brand where we highly value natural and organic raw materials, such as extracts from Nordic plants, natural oils, and organic ingredients, which provide effective and skin-friendly solutions.
The handmade process allows us to keep production flexible, quickly responding to consumer needs and market trends. Each product is made and packaged with love and care, keeping in mind both user well-being and environmental sustainability.

Our brand is focused on a healthy lifestyle and respect for nature, so all North Beauty products and packaging are nature- and environmentally friendly. We prefer to use local raw materials, which not only support our local communities but also ensure the freshness and natural beauty of the products.

North Beauty's goal is to give every customer the opportunity to feel special and celebrate everyone's personal natural beauty - just like the nature of the Nordic countries does.
Northbeauty founders
Keiti & Katrin
Keiti: I've always been passionate about the beauty industry. That's why life has led me into the world of makeup artistry. What started as a hobby, practicing on myself and friends, has now become part of my work. I've trained under professionals and gained makeup knowledge and skills at the International Makeup Center's. That's where my awareness of beauty products began. I started researching what ingredients were in the products I used daily. It was quite shocking what I found out.

After that, I began to highly value clean, natural products and started paying attention to what I, my loved ones, and clients were using on their skin. From there, I reached the desire to create my own brand of natural products.

Katrin: I've been making natural home spa products for about ten years now. It has brought me a lot of joy and has partly been my creative hobby. I like to approach traditional things in a non-traditional way. I try to find ways to step out of the routine and give my creations a unique niche. This is reflected in my products.

I draw inspiration and awareness from the pure nature of Saaremaa, where I live daily. I know that products from pure nature are not fussy and are suitable for everyone.
  • Vegan
    We love animals, we are 100% cruelty-free.
  • Natural ingredients
    Paraben-, sulfate-, silicone-, and petroleum wax free.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Bio degradable ingredients, our packaging is recyclable.
  • Fresh cosmetics
    We produce our products in small batches so that you always receive the freshest production.
  • 100% handmade
    Handmade Estonian natural cosmetics.
  • Ethical origin
    Produced and sourced in an ethically responsible manner that respects the rights of workers, the environment, and social standards.
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