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North Beauty or PÕHJAMAA ILU is a local Estonian natural cosmetics brand. We specialise in cosmetic products that take into account the specificities of Nordic skin and want to emphasise the beautiful Nordic beauty.

Like many good things, our family business started in Saaremaa. The idea for North Beauty was born in the picturesque Peetri tourist farm, among the pristine Saaremaa forests and under the cane bushes. Our company today is a natural extension and symbiosis of the similar hobbies of two women in one family:

The field of beauty has always been close to my heart. This is how my life’s journey has led me into the world of make-up. Initially practicing on myself and my girlfriends as a hobby, it has now become part of my work. I have trained under professionals and acquired my makeup knowledge and skills at the International Makeup Center. That’s where my awareness of beauty products started. I started looking at what products were in my daily skincare routine. It was quite shocking what I found out.

After that, I started to really appreciate clean, natural products and to look at what I, my loved ones and clients were using on themselves. From there, I wanted to create my own brand of natural products.


I have been making natural home spa products for a decade. It has given me a lot of pleasure and has also been part of my creative hobby. I like to approach traditional things in an unconventional way. I try to find ways to step out of the routine and give my creations a niche of their own. This is also reflected in my products.

I draw inspiration and awareness from the pure nature of Saaremaa, where I live every day. I know that products from pure nature are not capricious and are suitable for everyone.


North Beauty products are 100% handcrafted and made from carefully selected raw materials. We only use certified and highly rated materials. Our products do not contain artificial colouring. We use natural minerals – mica – in our products.

We want to prove to you that natural products can also be luxurious, luxurious and accessible to everyone. We have carefully thought through our products from the ingredients to the final result, including packaging.

We believe that simplicity can be both beautiful and charming!

Natural Cosmetics – You can afford it, you deserve it!

Yours sincerely
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