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Aromatherapy shower balls 250g

Now you can enjoy showering in a different way!

The balls are designed to gently exfoliate and wash your body at the same time.

Suitable for all skin types thanks to their soft Ph 5.5, they cleanse without irritating, gently exfoliate and polish the body, and are excellent at removing dead skin cells. They are anti-cellulite, toning and skin regenerating. Exfoliating sugar particles help to smooth the skin’s texture and prepare it for further care.

Ball washers are convenient and economical to use, as 1 ball = 1 wash cycle.

Apply to wet skin in a circular massaging motion and rinse. It lathers abundantly. The valuable ingredient in the balms is wild blueberry extract, which helps to treat rough and dry skin, and is rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and E, which intensively rejuvenate and refresh the skin.

Thanks to their pleasant fragrance, the balls also have an aromatherapeutic effect. It will only make your soul happier! The whole atmosphere inside and around you will become elegant and captivating!

No more need to use sponges or sponges to wash your body – the balls do the work for you!

The patches are suitable for all skin types and for people with different personalities. For the sake of a beautiful figure, allow yourself to be pampered with such a dessert!

Once you’ve tried it, your skin will fall in love with this product, because the scent and the effect of the balms are simply amazing.

The range includes:
Chocolate, vanilla, rose – Relaxing fragrances
Coconut- Relaxing fragrance
Lime, lemon, mandarin – Stimulating aromas
Watermelon, lemongrass, orange- Stimulating aromas
Orange – Invigorating fragrance
Product contains 20 balls = 20 washes – Choose your favourite!


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