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Shea body butter 100ml

Shea butter is a deeply moisturising, anti-inflammatory natural body butter. Several studies show that shea butter reduces dry skin, relieves dermatitis, sun-induced erythema, and other skin irritations. Studies also suggest that shea butter stimulates capillary circulation, which improves skin reoxygenation, enhancing the removal of metabolic waste products from the skin. Soothes eczema, mild burns, rashes, psoriasis, dry skin problems. Absorbs deep into the skin, making it supple. It has nourishing properties for the hair roots, and is said to promote hair growth.

Also ideal for babies and children.

It can be used widely: as a daily skin moisturizer, as a post-tanning moisturizer, to reduce acne, to restore skin elasticity, as a post-shave moisturizer, against wrinkles, to restore hair shine, to treat skin wrinkles, to prevent stretch marks.

Shea butter, or African gold, is a rich fat derived from the nuts of the African shea tree.

We use unrefined shea butter!

Unrefined vs refined shea butter:

Unrefined shea butter has not been heat-treated or otherwise chemically treated, which means that unrefined shea butter retains all the beneficial vitamins and minerals that refined shea butter has partially lost, giving unrefined shea butter even more nutritious properties.

Unrefined shea butter is yellowish in colour, with a slightly smoky and nutty smell.

100 ml

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    See on toode, mis peaks olema igas majapidamises. Aitab igasuguste naha probleemide korral. Soovitan soovitan soovitan

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    See ravis nii kiiresti mu näo korda!

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    Parim puhta looduse toode, shea pähkli või, imeravim! ❤️

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    Karedad käed on minevik selle tootega, talvel asendamatu

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    Parim päikesepõletuse leevendaja. Kui nahk ära paranes siis ei tulnud see isegi maha nagu tavaliselt on juhtunud kui nii olen ära põlenud.

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